Spective's AI needs a moment to generate your business planning tools. This will take 30 to 60 minutes; we will email you once it's finished. Thanks for your patience.

Why does it take 30 - 60 minutes?


Firstly, Spective generates and analyses one session at a time. You'll be placed in a queue; this will take an average of 0-30 minutes. Then, Specive will analyse and assess your answers for 5-15 minutes. Lastly, it needs some time to generate your tool (5-10 minutes). Then, you will receive an email.

What input does Spective use to generate my tools?


To put it simply, Spective uses 3 inputs in order to generate your tools.
1. Your answers in the AI Business Coaching chat shape the understanding of your entrepreneurial dream and plans.
2. Our refined/trained AI model frames the way it analyzes and interprets your answers.
3. Underlying Artificial intelligence from openAI, it uses a variation of models.  

Does the generation of an evaluation report involve any human intervention?


No, the generation of an evaluation report is completely automated, with no human intervention involved. Our system uses advanced algorithms to ensure accurate and efficient report generation, eliminating human error and ensuring objectivity in the results. Although human business coaches were involved in training our AI model.

What kind of data will Spective collect and how will you use it?


The only data we are collecting are your answers in the ai-led conversation about your business idea. This data is only used to: a) create new questions for you. and b) to generate your evaluation report. We will remove your data after 30 days.